Tuesday, June 26, 2012


This week was amazing, our Mission President, President Lewis, and his wife, and his counselor President Martinez came to our ward and trained about missionary work! We even had 2 investigators to church this week, and it was an amazing day! Then that afternoon we had a missionary fireside and our two zones, about 30 missionaries sang there. We got transfer calls and Elder Luttrell is leaving!! Elder Stoll is going to be my new companion and so far I have only heard great things about him and am really excited for the work in this area. We got to go to the temple this week and it was a really good experience to renew the spirit once again. Our mission is doing great and I am really excited for what is going to be happening this next month.


Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Monday, June 18, 2012


This week was really good but it went by fast. I only have a week left with my trainer :( Super awesome Elder and hope I can serve around him again. Still no baptisms but we are working hard and trying to get the people to come to church and feel the spirit that is there. We have some huge plans for our ward having our mission president give a talk about missionary work and dedicating that sunday to missionary work. It is really exciting to see the ward getting together. We also had really good food at the fathers day activity. Thank you all for your support! HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!!

Love Elder Branchini

Monday, June 11, 2012

                                    Elder Luttrell and Elder Branchini currently serving in Stockton

Monday, June 4, 2012

last week of May

We had zone conference and learned a lot of what it means to be a missionary and how to work and have the faith to allow the hand of the Lord guide us and lead us in our areas, our little part of the Lord's vineyard. Also it has been an awesome experience so far and the work is great but this week our investigators dropped us, but we had a really awesome day on Sunday and it got us really fired up and so did zone conference to go out and search and find those people who are ready to hear the gospel. We havent had a chance to baptize anyone but our area was not doing well and it is slowly progressing and I am really excited to see the changes and to be able to get to teach those people who are ready. I know that everyday the people I talk to, I was meant to talk to and that is why I am here, even if they dont ask us to return at least we have been able to plant that seed in them.
Elder Branchini