Monday, September 24, 2012

i switched areas and companions, the area is split again but now I am in the southeast area of Stockton with my new companion from Kearns, Utah. we have a lot of new missionaries in the ward now and its going to be a fun transfer. We just lost most of our investigators because they moved at the same time or started working and wont be back for 2-3 weeks. I sort of knew the area so now its time to really learn it. I never thought I would stay in my first ward for such a long time, I love working in this ward and helping the people here in Stockton. Hopefully as we concentrate our efforts on finding people this week we can find that baptism ready person. We also have a mission language conference and it should be great because we will all get to be together with other missionaries that are called to serve in spanish and in the different languages of the mission. I hope everything is going well out there in the ward.


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