Monday, September 3, 2012

This week dragged a little bit, we were very busy and went on exchanges twice with our district leader which made it a little hard to know exactly what was going on in our area but my companion, Elder Grow was able to get me up to date with everything. We have two investigators that are awesome and we just need them to come to church which is a bit hard here in this ward for some reason, usually its because they live really far away but we are really focusing on that, and hopefully the desire of our investigators is there. Time is starting to fly by now and it is a good thing because it means we are out working and very busy. It's still hot out here, we are at around 90 everyday but the mornings have cooled off a bit. I hope everything is going well over there.

Here i am excited for some service. 
Here is my companion Elder Grow ready to serve. 
These are the goats we helped gather for the auction. 
This is the place were the auction was taking place. 

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